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  1. Book a Librarian

    Book a Librarian allows you to reserve a free half hour with a librarian at the Kearney Public Library. We can help with your research... More…

  2. Exam Proctor Request

    Use this form to request a proctor.

  3. Library Card Application

    Fill out this form to apply for a library account.

  4. Personalized Reading Form

    Create your own reading profile and get reading recommendations from qualified librarians tailored to you. *For Kearney Public Library... More…

  5. Purchase Suggestion

    Use this form to suggest a title for the library to purchase.

  6. Text Message Signup

    Fill out and submit this form to receive text message notifications about your library account.

  1. Catalog Removal Form

    This form is used only by library staff to send information about permanently lost or damaged items that need to be removed from the... More…

  2. ILL Request

    Use this form to request a title through interlibrary loan.

  3. Meeting Room Reservation Form

    Use this form to request the use of a meeting room.

  4. Program Report
  5. Study Room Reservation Form

    Use this form to request a study room reservation at least two days in advance. If less than two days, please contact the library... More…