A Treasure of Trails

Kearney has the historical significance of providing a haven for pioneers traveling the Oregon and Mormon Trails, and presently provides that same hospitality for numerous travelers on I-80, and for its residents. You will find that Kearney not only historic trails, but over 25 miles of community trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. The 8' wide concrete trails connect parks, neighborhoods, retail areas, schools, and attractions throughout the city. The trail system is equipped with a variety of amenities, including: wayfinding signage, mile markers (Cottonmill-Ft. Kearny only), water stations, bike fix it stations, pet waste stations, and seating areas. In addition to the paved trails, Kearney has miles of natural trails for those that like to mountain bike or walk through rolling hills, the prairie, and wooded areas.

Not only does Kearney offer traditional hike-bike trails, the city also has a 2.3 mile water trail. The entrance landing is located off 11th Street at Yanney Park, while the exit landing is located off Central Avenue behind Midway Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep. The water trail meanders down the Kearney Tailrace and Turkey Creek (N. Channel of the Platte River), and is designed for kayaking and canoeing. The typical season is from April-October.

Hike/Bike Trail Etiquette & Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines listed below for everyone's enjoyment and safety on the trails: 
  • Show Courtesy to all other trail users.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and remove all pet waste from trail. (city code)
  • Trails are open from sunrise to sunset, with exception of lighted trails.
  • Stay on the right side of the trail, announce your pass, and pass on the left side.
  • Bicyclists and inline skaters should ride at a safe speed, slowing to form in a single-file line during congested. conditions, reduced visibility, or in other hazardous situations.
  • Bicyclists and inline skaters are encouraged to wear helmets.
  • Walk bicycles under the 11th Street railroad underpass.
  • Obey all traffic signs.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails.
  • Respect private property. No trespassing.

Water Trail Etiquette, Regulations and Warnings

Please follow the guidelines listed below for everyone's enjoyment and safety on the water trail:
  • Show courtesy to other trail users.
  • Users shall follow all Nebraska Personal Flotation Device laws.
  • The water trail is an "enter and use at your own risk" amenity.
  • The water trail is designed for kayaking and canoeing.
  • Adult supervision is recommended.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out all trash. No glass, styrofoam, or alcohol.
  • No swimming or diving.
  • Respect private property. No trepassing.
  • Water trail is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Avoid drinking the water.
  • Wash hands before eating or handling food is recommended after using the water trail.
  • Unauthorized motorized vessels are prohibited.

Snow Removal

Snow will be removed from the concrete trails after City streets have been cleared.  Please avoid using the trail until the snow is removed.

Who To Call

To report maintenance, safety or other problems on a trail, please call the City of Kearney Park & Recreation Department at (308) 237-4644.

Trail Events

Any group interested in holding an organized public event on a trail can contact the City of Kearney Park & Recreation Department at  (308) 237-4644 for further information.